30A Swim Dog

As many people know I am all about my animals — horses, cats, dogs, birds — I love

them all. When my terrier had issues with a torn ACL I decided to try swim

therapy to help him exercise in a non-stressful way. Also my daughter’s dog was

staying with me and had lots of excess energy so I was hoping to help both dogs

with a 30-minute swim. At first I divided the time and let each dog do 15 minutes

all out swimming. The great thing about 30A Swim Dog is the space with screened

areas to separate pets and lawn to let dogs roam — it is a perfect environment.


Eventually both dogs began swimming together and enjoyed their time in the water.

Melanie supervises each session and makes sure that the dogs are completely safe.

But mostly my dogs have fun splashing and cooling off in the same way my daughter

used to do. Pools are great for humans and animals and I can only say that 30A

Swim Dog is my favorite way to spend 30 minutes with my dogs.

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