Being Here

Recently I paged through a copy of a book called Sunsets of 30a , edited by Cindy Moskovitz.  In it there are over 100 photos with the most extraordinary light quality captured all along the 30A corridor. Numerous people contributed photos from Inlet Beach and Rosemary, reflections over the water at Camp Creek, Stallworth , and Western lakes, within the beautiful dunes of Watersound and high on a pavilion overlooking the Gulf of Mexico in Seagrove.


These images create lasting memories of the great times these people had here – and for those of us who live here the solemn beauty we experience everyday.   The secret whispered at these special times seems to come from the gentle lap of the waves – slow down, breathe deeply and enjoy the moment.


That is exactly what my daughter did last December when she captured her own magical light show over Stallworth Lake. Listen to the Silence.


(Photo credit: Summer Austin)
(Photo credit: Summer Austin)

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